Call for Papers

The overarching theme of 2021 ARIC Workshop is to identify current advancements, challenges and future directions in science and technology to address the convergence of climate justice, net zero carbon and infrastructure resilience. Through keynotes, paper-sessions and panels, this workshop will bring together researchers, practitioners from academia, public and private sector, and national laboratories from different disciplines to address the state-of-the-art techniques/methods, limitations and challenges for next generation cities and infrastructures.


The ARIC 2021 workshop invites papers in the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Data fusion techniques and analytics for prediction and forecasting across space and time
  • Real-time analytics of dynamic and distributed data
  • Edge and distributed computing for data mining about cyber-physical systems
  • Human dynamics in the Age of Smart/Intelligent Systems
  • Spatial social network analytics in the built environment
  • Theoretical and practical applications of Internet of Things in urban settings
  • Optimizing sensor locations for resilience informatics
  • Augmented reality, simulations and 3D-geovisualization for intelligence
  • AI/ML driven solutions to assess and model resilience
  • Network modeling, logistics and mobility analysis to quantify resilience

Workshop mode

The 4 th International workshop on Advances on Resilient and Intelligent Cities will be a one-day event that will include two keynotes (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), individual paper presentations, and a panel. The following submissions will be invited for this workshop.

  • Full research papers: 8-10 pages
  • Short research papers or application demo papers: 4 pages
  • Vision or statement papers: 2 pages